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You’re just a few short steps away from a world of support.

We need to ask you some questions about your business, so that we can work out the best way to assist you and check that you’re eligible for our free support.

It shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

If you’d like some assistance completing the form or have any questions, email us or call us. We’ll send you a downloadable Word version or we’ll complete it for you.

Just a reminder before you start, we can only help you if your business is Gloucestershire based. If you’re not in Gloucestershire, you can use this tool to locate the Growth Hub nearest you.

If you’ve previously received support from The Growth Hub you don’t need to complete the form. If you need further support you can email us or chat to the Navigator or Guide who worked with you initially.


Any physical or mental health conditions or illnesses lasting or expected to last for 12 months or more?


Think of this as your elevator pitch, make it short and snappy, but help us understand what you do.

This must be a Gloucestershire address and it can be your trading address or registered address (or home address if that’s where you trade from.)

This helps us tailor the support we offer to you.

If it’s just you, then enter 1. If you have more employees, enter the total count. Please input numbers only.

If you don’t have a full year of trading, tell us how much you’ve made so far. If you haven’t started trading yet you can skip this question. Please input numbers only.

Estimate what your total revenue will be at the end of the next financial year, or at the end of your first year of trading if you're just starting. This is just so that we can get an idea of your growth, don’t worry if it’s not 100% accurate. Please input numbers only.

Let us know what your most important challenges are and where you think we can add the most value. The more information you include here, the quicker and easier we can provide support.

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